Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese

Artisanal Certified Organic Cheese

About Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese

Certified organic 20 cow dairy farm producing artisan cheese in small batches. The Smith family has been farming on Bush Road since the 1820’s. It has always had a small dairy herd. In 2006 they became officially certified organic. We grow hay, barley, oats and peas, corn and sorghum-sudangrass all without the use of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides fungicides or pesticides. It’s a true family enterprise without any outside labour being hired onto the farm. In the winter of 2011, Bob and Nigel built a small cheese “studio” on the farm even siding the building with home-grown lumber.
Our certified organic cows rotationally graze the farm throughout the summer months. The herd consists of a mixture of Brown Swiss and Holstein cows. They’re brought into the barn each morning and night and then returned back out to pasture. Whey from cheese making is fed to growing heifers who find it to be an irresistible treat. No antibiotics or hormones are employed on an organic dairy.

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Artisanal organic cheese

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The Kingston Public Market

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