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Carolina Rojas was born in Santiago, Chile where she earned a Fashion Design Diploma. In 1992, soon after graduating, she moved to Canada. While in Canada, she continued to pursue her studies at Sheridan College.

Carolina had always been interested in the arts, however it wasn’t until 2013, that she discovered photography and has been passionate about photography ever since. She has distinguished herself as a photographer and has won the Botany Certificate for the CAPA Club Nature Competition in 2016. In addition, Carolina has exhibited her work at several galleries in Kingston, Ontario including Gallery Raymond, Unit 115 at the Tett Centre, Martello Alley, Window Gallery and at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. In addition, her image, “Morning Dew” was display as part of The City of Kingston’s new project, Paved Paradise in 2018. She has also received first place in the Ian Walsh Photo Contest 2018.

Carolina’s photography captures the beauty of the world around us, enhancing each image with vibrant colours, a wide variety of textures and patterns that give the images a unique and painterly look. Her work includes images of Kingston Landmarks, abstract art, and nature.

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Vibrant Textural Local Photograpy

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