Hilary Cosgrove

About Hilary Cosgrove

There’s a lot to know. Like, a lot. But we’ll start with the basics.
She sews like hot damn! Hilary started sewing whimsical creations at the age of seven and held expositions and sales of her textile art on the front lawn. None of it sold. Not even to her mom. Undaunted and unabashed, Hilary continued to hone her craft and over the years has grown into an incredibly talented creative who sees colour and texture everywhere. It was while working for a small interior design boutique that Hilary began to develop a clientele for her work. Her brand has continued to grow and can be found in 15 stores from coast to coast in Canada and at art shows around Ontario.
Hilary obviously doesn’t have a whole lot of spare time, because we keep her locked in the workshop where she slaves night and day, sewing tiny owls and foxes and creating an ever-growing line of adorably amazing things with which to decorate your home. But if we ever let her out, she’d go bananas. Like, snowboarding, wine-tasting adventures, hot-air ballooning. For real.
We just know you’re going to love your new Hilary Cosgrove design, ‘cause her stuff is really, really, really cool.

What you'll find

Animal cushions, artwork, stuffies hand stitched critters.

How to get in touch

Hilary Cosgrove



Find us at Springer Market Square

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From 9 AM to 4 PM

The Kingston Public Market

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