Cooker Girl Catering

cooker-girl-catering-1Fresh Made sour dough products. A range of heirloom vegetable breads made with an all-natural sour dough starter several years old. Artisan brioche breads and sweet breakfast treats. Also included are seasonal sweets of ‘Sweet Nothings’, Marshmallow and toffee. Included with Ruthie’s market are freshly foraged foods from private properties in the Kingston and surrounding areas. These include seasonal mushrooms of Morels, Oysters, Boletes, chanterelles, Miatake, Chicken of the Woods,  Lions Mane, Pheasant Back and many other edibles( ramps, watercress and fiddleheads when found).  All mushrooms are certified through a mycologist before sale.
Ruthie Cummings |  P: 647.997.9463
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About Cooker Girl Catering

Ruthie has been a chef for 25 years and studied under the best internationally. She is a certified Mushroom Expert and Sommelier. In the off season of the Market she is a caterer to the elite and focuses on Truffle production and imports. Occasionally she has fresh imported Truffle mushrooms available for sale at the market. Make sure to get on her list of contacts. She sometimes conducts mushroom foraging classes but usually prefers to keep nature to herself.