Honey Wagon Farms

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Sandi & Ed Taylor
265 Sandy Hook Rd. Picton, ON
hnywgnfms@kos.net |  P: 613.476.6191


About Honey Wagon Farms

Sandi and Ed Taylor are a retired senior couple who own a small, friendly, farm-gate operation called Honey Wagon Farms. They are located just outside the town of Picton in Prince Edward County. Their enjoyment of working alongside Mother Nature and their pleasure of meeting and chatting with folks has led them into new careers of maple syrup production and market gardening. For the past ten years they have been devoting their time and energies to both these ventures.

They produce maple syrup in the time honoured tradition of their forefathers gathering in buckets, boiling on an open wood fired evaporator and filtering through felt. Their syrup is sold in uniquely designed decorative gift bottles.  They also grow a wide variety of traditional and specialty vegetables. They farm without the use of herbicides, fungicides or pesticides and amend their soil with commercial fertilizer and green manure.

Their products are available on the plate at many restaurants in the County and Kingston, at their seasonal stall at the Kingston Market and from their farm gate.