Loon Kombucha

loon-kombucha-1Sparkling fermented kombucha tea
Darryl Lowkie
dlowkie@loonkombucha.com   |  P: 613.329.7816
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About Loon Kombucha

Loon Kombucha is a fermented tea brewed to in Smiths Falls, Ontario. We live to be innovative & brew all our flavours to stand out. Raw & unpasteurized, our colourful kombucha is both delicious and refreshing. The tea is full of live cultures, yeasts and enzymes. Drink Loon  simply for the taste then sit back and enjoy how good it makes you feel. Loon Kombucha’s sparkling kombucha tea is available on tap at the Market. Purchase your refillable bottle and fill it weekly with a variety of unique and delicious flavours!